Sunday, April 18, 2010

Introducing Karley

I mostly sign my mails with "Vera & Karley" and people apparently wonder if that is my partner, my daughter or ... ? Karley is a Golden Retriever x! - and what is a dog doing in my signature? She is a Seeing Eye Dog - SEDA. Very special, very clever, my friend and part of " the team - Vera & Karley".
I am vision impaired, legally blind having tunnel vision, which means I see as good as anybody else my age, but only a very small amount of it. When I sit at my loom I am safe. I am also used to everything in my home, though I get occasions where I misjudge things, to the distress of Karley, who never does something like that (grin)!
But when I go out I depend on Karley to guide me. I get lost very easily unless I know where I am and she remembers bus stops, and shops and even the supermarket isles, the pet isle, where the bread or the milk is and of course the meat....
So here is to my dedicated friend, Karley! Photo is from a visit to a friend and yes, it's a fleece rug, Karley knows where it's best to sit! :-)

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Kaite said...

it's good to have a dog for a companion, and yes they always know the best place to sit. Kaite