Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have been busy with 4 chairs I happen to discover in an op shop (when we got lost and asked for directions there, talk about "coincidences" ...). I decided to sand and re varnish them and give them new seat covers. Then I found out how much work chairs are, they have too many surfaces!! and all the dust, even tho I did all the machine sanding outside the studio. Anyway, they are finished now and I am very happy with them! They fit to my dining table perfectly. I know now why people have Spinning chairs. I am not using the "new" chairs,
- I have a nice colonial looking chair with wide angled legs and supports between them. The ideal spinning chair!
It took me 1 hour to vacuum the studio and another hour to clean everything! That will teach me! :-)
Now back to tapestry, I finished the starter strip today.
ready to go now! see you next time!

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