Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stand for frame loom

Up til now I have been using my painter's easel as stand for my frame loom, but it is inconvenient to keep changing around between canvas and weaving. I have made a stand just for my loom. It is a simplified version of my painter's easel in as much as it only has one option with two pegs for the loom to sit on - the height which is comfortable for me, sitting on a chair in front of it. Today the varnish is nicely dried. Absolutely no colored paint splatters anywhere, (grin!) which is a nice change too! .
The photo shows the empty frame loom on the stand, but I will clamp it on, once I have warped it. Started warping today too, - though I am still busy with the designs for a smaller tapestry on this small loom and a larger one for the loom in my studio. I will catch up when I have more to show!

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