Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making life easier, - and fun too!

I had put my hand spun silk for this tapestry in a larger container , divided into smaller boxes which I managed to find.
The problem with that was that I had to take the little boxes out and sit them around to find what I wanted. While searching, it
only takes a small movement and one of the small boxes and
all it's content is on the floor. When I finished weaving I had
to put all the boxes back into the larger container and
I didn't like this arrangement at all.

Today I found these boxes in an office supply shop! Glorious!
It was fun to sort the colours and I tried it out this afternoon.
They are 5 separate boxes with 2 flat drawers each which slide
out very easily. In the photo below, I opened all the drawers just to
brag a little about all the wonderful colors and shades
of the silk (grin!). The boxes stack very securely on top of each
other. It works like a charm! Can't wait for my weaving time

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