Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Spring started with a thunderstorm ...

I have been fighting for weaving time. Mainly because of the weather. Spring started with 2 days of storms, - one whole day with thunderstorm and loads of rain. On such occasions I am always grateful that I live on a hill and not in a valley. The only place to stay was inside .. The moment the weather is good, there is so much to catch up on ...
The other reason I am slowed down are those sea colours. The shades I have been spinning previously turn out quite different when woven in. I think blending colour for tapestry weaving very seldom works for me in advance. Once I sit and weave, then I can tell exactly what to change or what I want. Blending colours is the enjoyable part when painting, but with tapestry it's the weaving which compensates me for the chase after the perfect shade :-).

I am busily spinning more shades of blue. I find weaving with hand spun silk a real pleasure! I had problems to start off with 2 ply silk, as I needed to check which end to start with, to avoid the ply totally unraveling while weaving to and from. Now I Navajo ply the silk which solved that problem.

And yes, that is the bottom-half of a Viking boat, - waiting to get woven! I thought it would be fun to sail one of those, - and it also sounds more daring and adventurous.
All I need is better weather , as not to get drenched while going to and from my studio and with a few bits of sunlight, t' would be nice. Until next time, happy weaving!