Monday, September 6, 2010

Spring started with a thunderstorm ...

I have been fighting for weaving time. Mainly because of the weather. Spring started with 2 days of storms, - one whole day with thunderstorm and loads of rain. On such occasions I am always grateful that I live on a hill and not in a valley. The only place to stay was inside .. The moment the weather is good, there is so much to catch up on ...
The other reason I am slowed down are those sea colours. The shades I have been spinning previously turn out quite different when woven in. I think blending colour for tapestry weaving very seldom works for me in advance. Once I sit and weave, then I can tell exactly what to change or what I want. Blending colours is the enjoyable part when painting, but with tapestry it's the weaving which compensates me for the chase after the perfect shade :-).

I am busily spinning more shades of blue. I find weaving with hand spun silk a real pleasure! I had problems to start off with 2 ply silk, as I needed to check which end to start with, to avoid the ply totally unraveling while weaving to and from. Now I Navajo ply the silk which solved that problem.

And yes, that is the bottom-half of a Viking boat, - waiting to get woven! I thought it would be fun to sail one of those, - and it also sounds more daring and adventurous.
All I need is better weather , as not to get drenched while going to and from my studio and with a few bits of sunlight, t' would be nice. Until next time, happy weaving!


kaite said...

your pic was very well worth enlarging, lovely to see the details and the colours. do i see some texture in there also? Tuesday (today) and Wednesday are supposed to be OK, then it's going yuck again for next weekend...k.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Yes, Kaite, there is texture! it's my great delight to create it! I will try and post a closer up pic.
Thanks for a little nice weather forecast!! I don't mind some rain, there is a brolly to go to and from the studio with, but that stormy weather had me stay in the house ...

Anonymous said...

Ohhh WOW! you really have made some fine progress.
I quite like your sea colours. They contrast nicely with the reds below. There is almost a dreamy quality emerging when I look at this. It's very peaceful.
The viking ship gave me a big grin. I can't wait to see it all woven!
I can't imagine how much differently your mind would have to concentrate to accomadate for difference in colours as they appear and then once they're woven in.
I have enough trouble compensating for colour change when paint dries.
I'm very much enjoying watching the tapestry come along and reading about your progress.

I hope the weather stays fine enough for you to continue weaving.

Happy weaving!