Wednesday, October 20, 2010

challenges, - and time ...

The rocky part of the landscape is finished,
The sail and sky colours started, -

I have been spinning madly to get enough of the sea colour to weave with. I am getting near the horizon ...
In the meantime I am experimenting with blending silk for spinning to get my sky colour right. It is difficult to judge colours via the monitor, TreeTops Colour Harmonies have such beautiful colours but when the silk arrived it was about 4 shades darker than expected. It is difficult to photograph silk with all the lustre and reflections ... at least it is the right colour as such, and now I am blending. Hopefully it will work.

I hope you like the sea for now!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bluebells and weaving progress

The sea is coming along well and the boat started, I feel like I am truly on the way! - the boat is moving...
Also happy Spring! in the meantime, the bluebells have come up. I love those!
I have finished spinning all the sea blue silk which I will need and have started spinning the blue silk for the sky. I am wondering if my proposed sail colour wil work out fine, - well, that will come next time :-)
Best wishes for all your projects!