Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dyed sik cocoons and sunset colour

I had bought a small packet of hand dyed silk cocoons, to see how it would work spinning those. I was very surprised, to find that it was easy to draw the silk from the cocoons. I really got the feel of the long silk fibre, much better even than spinning from silk hankies. It was imensly enjoyable. I had been warned that the spun silk would be more textured and on the bobbin it looked rather bumpy in places. What was nice was that the colour from the outside of the cocoon is darker and is not as strong on the inside - nice darker and light shades.

Now look how nice it turned out after
washing and drying!

It makes a big difference to spin the long silk fibers. In the silk tops the fibers
seem to be only between 5 to 9 cm long from being processed through the machinery. From the cocoons the fibers seem to go on in one stream.
The resulting silk is softer and "blooms" after washing.
I look forward to try out weaving and see if it makes a difference.
The yarn is Navajo plyed (3 strands make the yarn)

Silk sunset colour in the sky of my tapestry


kaite said...

my first reaction - oh how lovely!
what type of wheel do you have? k.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful rainbow the colours make on the bobbin! I can see why spinning would become addictive! :-)

The skein looks lovely and I hope all goes well for you using it in your tapestry!

I love your sunset colour in the tapestry. It is so vibrant and warm.
I wish you much good weather and many happy hours weaving. :-)


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Kaite, thanks for your comment, - I have 2 spinning wheels, I spin silk and kid mohair with the Ashford Traveller, using it's higher ratios and wool with my Ron Doley wheel. Have a great week, Vera

Hello Tikarma, thanks for taking the time to visit, and thanks for your good wishes! I'm glad you enjoy the colours.

(((herzlich))) mum