Friday, November 5, 2010

Here she is, little "beastie"

I hope you like her too ...
I did not want one of those "teeth flashing - growling" beasts. Mine is a "dragon" boat, - trying to hold my own against the elements, determined to get to wherever it is, but not in an aggressive way. I choose a viking boat because I admire the courage those people had in just setting off, not knowing when they would see land again and what they would find.
I especially like the tail, I think it's cute! :-)
Happy weaving and a nice weekend and week to all.


kaite said...

slim, elegant, determined and just a bit 'cute' - probably just like yourself Vera!
the prow wave is a masterpiece. k.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thank you Kaite, you put that so very nicely :-) I am glad you like the wave! Vera

Anonymous said...

I love your "dragon", cute indeed!
It wouldn't suit your personality to have a growling angry like beast leading the way.
A quiet determination and a ready smile to hand.
She fits perfectly!

I wish you good weather and many more happy hours weaving!!


David Agnew said...

"Cute" sums it up exactly

Your dragon made me smile