Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weaving clouds, spinning clouds ...

Clouds appear on the sky, - it is fun to weave clouds!
the black small mark on the warps above the clouds (left)
is the END line.
I am hoping to get the tapestry finished before it gets too hot in my studio. It doesn't look so far off, but it is still quite an area to go. One pick at the time ...

This is the top of the sail and mast of the boat
with the little flag - more golden yellow sky
colour to go ...

I am spinning kid mohair, hand dyed
with darker and light shades of blue and
a little of violet.
I use Earth Palette cold water dyes.

I flick card the locks and they get all fluffy like clouds. I spin straight from those and enjoy it very much.

This is how it look spun on the bobbin.
I like the sheen of the kid mohair! When I am
finished I will ply it with some superfine merino which I have already spun.

I will update again before the end of December.
For anyone who is going away: Have a good holiday!