Friday, January 21, 2011

Inbetween - Ancient Egyptian and Vegy's

I found a black and white sketch
of the young king (assume: Tut)
in my design box. It said 1986 on it,
but otherwise I have no idea where
it came from. I felt the urge to paint it :-)
and started on new white paper, - not that
I managed to photograph it, looking white.
I could not use flash because it reflects in the
gold paint.

I used gouache paint and gold ink to paint with.

I found a frame for it too and I put it in my
small work room in the house. My carder and spinning wheel with ball winder live there and all that work on the shelves is waiting ....

The size is : 47 cm x 47 cm
18 ½" x 18 ½"
without frame.

Hope you like it too!

And the vegy"s are going well,
from left, Parsley going to seed (waiting for the seeds!), capsicums,
cherry tomatoes (going all the way along the back row in pots), climbing beans (purple king), spinach, carrots and on the table the strawberries (yummy!)

See what I come up with next time :-)

And Happy Australia Day in the meantime!


David Agnew said...

I love these intrigueing (is that spelt right?) glimpses into your life - the small work room and the vegetable garden. I feel I know you better each time.
Perhaps I will be inspired to do something with the balcony space outside my flat *Smile*

My best wishes


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thanks, David! It is quite easy to grow things in pots, especially herbs or chives and balcony would be fine ...once the weather gets nicer :-)
Have a good week!

K Spoering said...

So nice to see a green garden when we're buried under a foot of snow!
I like the painting, too. Well done!

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thanks! Kathy - in return, I am enjoying watching all those snow pictures! We don't have snow here at all! Have a great week!

jeanne bee. said...

Lovely to see your work! I'm always inspired. love and hugs to you...

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thanks, Jeanne - nice of you to come and visit! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good to see the garden going so well. Hopefully you'll have some nice ripe tomatoes soon! I hope the strawberries continue to go well for you too. It's been a bumper year for them!

The painting looks absolutely wonderful! I think it's well placed in your work room. I think it lifts that corner very nicely.
The gold came out really lovely! I can see what you were meaning by being proud to to still have a steady hand. There is a lot of fine work in the painting. Congratulations on another piece so beautifully done!! I hope it brings you much pleasure to look upon everytime you walk past or are working. :-)

with much love

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thanks! Tikarma, I am glad you like the painting too!
I wish you well for your tomatoes too! Yes, - it does make a difference having had so much more rain! Strawberries are sooo yummy! Still lots more to ripen.
Looking forward to your photos!

with Love
mum & Karley xOOOx

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