Thursday, February 24, 2011

weaving on one and start on another

I've finished warping and
started weaving the first
table runner

In the meantime,
my new printer
has broken down (tried everything)
and I decided to install my old printer.
Lucky the leads were long enough
and there was one power outlet left!
Here's the result:
Lots of papers which will be my new cartoon.
I use a poster program which prints the design life size on to however many A4 papers are needed, and then I cut (printed guide lines ) and sticky tape them all together. I usually use masking tape, as this lasts much better than the clear sticky tape. (Beware of the cheap version masking tape though, by the time you get back, all the tape will have started to peel off).
Back to tapestry weaving soon, unless the weather gets too hot again. The warp is ready and I have woven the starter strip. I'm one of those weavers who weave a base strip and a strip at the end of the tapestry to turn over and hem after weaving is finished.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Not weaving yet ...

Summer hobby - a kit doll house,
called "Fantasy Villa"
to which I built on 3 rooms.
(Kitchen, bathroom and study)

It has taken me 3 years, but now,
it is painted, has window panes and
curtains and I managed to collect
the furniture that is available in
this small size and in my price range.
The house is in
half inch/ 1:24 scale,
50 cm tall (19 3/4") x 56 cm (22")wide.

I built the sink in the
kitchen myself and still need a small
cupboard or meat safe to make it complete.

Also still missing is a small spiral stair case,
which I am still working on, - to lead from
the music room to the attic and the study.

Note: The rugs in the bath room, bed room and
study are hand woven (yeah! :-)

My friend's DH also made me some books
for the study (he is a book restorer).

Below a place for friends and a cuppa
on the balcony and new home made pot
plants for the porch

Here is the house key,
if you would like to visit :-)

If you are still with me, :-)

I am warping my small loom "Imp" for new
table runners. I found I had given all the
light coloured ones away for presents, and
feel kind of "down" with navy blue,
dark green and dark brown ones
for myself!

I found enough light coloured "left over bits"
- which
creates an adventurous warping experience!
(I need to measure out all one colour to find
out how many warps I can get from it, and
then I have to split the bundle,
because I want equal colours on each side ...)

Warning for beginner weavers:
This is not the right way to warp! (chuckle)

I'll be all right! I'll prove it next time!

Have a good weekend!