Thursday, March 10, 2011

spinning, planing and drawing

Trying to weave 4 table runners in one run (without cutting off and joining back on).
Here starting Table runner 4 - and keeping a wary eye out for the space left on the cloth beam :-).
I think it will work. I will report next time.

In the meantime, I am spinning to weave a nice warm
blanket for this winter. (I do hope :-)
This wool is from a rescued pet sheep which came with the name of "Roderick".- breed: Border Leicester from the time when we had a hobby farm.

The first two skeins.
This will be used for part of the warp.

This is the box with warp I have spun.
They are natural colours or dyed with natural plant dyes.
I am hoping to weave colour blocks, with the white wool above to separate them.

This is my box with wool for the weft. It is a collection of beginner spun wool, - nice chunky!
The colours are natural or dyed with natural plant dyes.

I will start warping next week, - I've just discovered a bag of green dyed wool which I want to add to the colours of the warp, more spinning first!

By next time I should have something to show of my new tapestry, - as to now I am still working on details of the design and
sorting and preparing proposed colours and yarns ....


K Spoering said...

These yarn colors are beautiful! Can't wait to see the blanket you make from them!

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thanks, Kathy! I will show the blanket when I am finished, - hopefully my plans for the colour pattern will work out nice

Anonymous said...

Wow! you have been very busy! I do like the colours for the table runners. They are nice and airy and cheerful!
They'll definitly lighten up any room they're in. :-)

I do greatly admire you skill with home dyeing. The colours are lovely. I hope all goes well with getting all the wool together that you need.
It will certainly make a very warm blanket! :-)

All my best you for the last stages of your tapestry design. I hope you are able to work out the last details without too much hassle.
Happy spinning and weaving! :-)


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thank you for your good wishes Tikarma!
I am still spinning the last soft green wool for the blanket. The design is going good, I am starting weaving tomorrow :-)
(((Hugs too)))
Mum & Karley

Mary said...

You make it all sound so easy, so seamless. I am in awe of the many techniques and knowledge you employ.

David Agnew said...

I love the box of "nice chunky" wool.

It exudes such a feeling of warmth.

I too will be delighted to see the finished blanket.

My best to you and Karley
Have a real good week


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thank you Mary,
It's age :-) it all adds up! Joke aside, I am sure it's because I love what I am doing!

I think you are doing very well yourself with your studies :-)

Hello David,
Nice to see you back! Yes, I look forward to the warmth too, but it will take me a while to do all the setting up and weaving. Still, one step at the time, - you know all about that :-)

I wish you a good week too,

Vera & Karley