Saturday, April 2, 2011

New starts

I've managed to weave 4 runners from the warp, the two on the right have stripes of darker weft, the two on the left are woven with the same weft throughout. The one at the back (right) has white cotton slub added to the weft - little white bumps :-)

This is the runner with different stripes weft on my table. I personally love table runners and these are so easy to wash and don't require ironing (Yeah!)

 I've made a start on setting my table loom up for the blanket.
Here I am finished threading and will do the warping tomorrow (front to back).
It's a 9m long warp, because I am hoping to also make a wrap-around blanket for me to keep warm in the evenings, when I sit at the PC  or do spinning.
Since the loom is not large enough for the full size blanket, I will weave 3 panels which I will probably crochet together (that worked well on my bed spread), hence the long warp.

My tapestry loom is set up with the starter strip woven and the start of the design traced on to the warps.
It will be woven from the side - which is why the tree is laying down :-)
I have spent several hours already searching for "the right colours" but will start weaving next week.
There should be more interesting photos next time :-)