Thursday, May 26, 2011

weaving the first tree ...

The progress for May, -  not quite as much as I intended but I am getting used to the dark rain clouds over my studio. My skylights do not help when it is dark like this, still I prefer to weave in day light. By now I am getting the hang of choosing my time and going away without forgetting to come back because I got carried away by something  else ... :-)

The pattern on top are the beginnings of a gum tree shedding bark and showing parts of it's new "dress".

Here is the first bird flying past the tree, - more to come ...

The middle part, showing the tree bark patterns closer up
Here towards the ground, also not finished yet, - and slightly thinking of changing the light grey middle part ...we'll see.

Weaving on my "wrap" blanket is going slow - I admit, I spent too much time in the garden, planting my vegie pots with garlic, onion, fresh spinach to replace the still going "old" one, peas,carrots, parsley and dill. Mulching the garden with pea straw,
digging the compost over and re planting
the carnations for next year and pruning my roses,
and, - yeah well! now I told on myself!

- back to weaving :-)!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New beginning

Getting started on the new tapestry:
 This one is woven sidewise,
which slowed me down somewhat, to start with.
It's not hard with anything else,
but weaving "ground" vertically
did not seem to "register" in my mind 
Still I am happy with this part now.

This is the bit which will be above the "ground" and is "greenery". I like weaving this.
The line above it across is the beginning of a tree.

Also getting on with the "wrap-around-blanket.
Though the light is very good for weaving, it doesn't seem to be nice for taking pics. I will try adifferent way next time.

Here is a better pic of the different natural dye weft colours,
ready wound onto my shuttles.

 After all the holidays and celebrations, my routine should assert itself again. I could not resist sleeping in several times ... 
Now with renewed energy, (all that chocolate must be good for something    :-)
til next time!