Saturday, May 7, 2011

New beginning

Getting started on the new tapestry:
 This one is woven sidewise,
which slowed me down somewhat, to start with.
It's not hard with anything else,
but weaving "ground" vertically
did not seem to "register" in my mind 
Still I am happy with this part now.

This is the bit which will be above the "ground" and is "greenery". I like weaving this.
The line above it across is the beginning of a tree.

Also getting on with the "wrap-around-blanket.
Though the light is very good for weaving, it doesn't seem to be nice for taking pics. I will try adifferent way next time.

Here is a better pic of the different natural dye weft colours,
ready wound onto my shuttles.

 After all the holidays and celebrations, my routine should assert itself again. I could not resist sleeping in several times ... 
Now with renewed energy, (all that chocolate must be good for something    :-)
til next time!


kaite said...

i wonder if chocolate is also good for dyeing?
your tapestries are always so lovely, even at the beginning and even tho one has to twist the neck around to look, i can see the beginnings of the "greenery" happening.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thanks! Kaite, - I don't think chocolate dyes, but if you want chocolate brown dye, walnut husks are wonderful! and they should be around now.

David Agnew said...

Absolutely fascinating.
I am not sure my mind could cope with vertical "ground" so I will be watching developments with interest.

As for sleeping in I can heartily recommend it from time to time but sadly I will have to pass on the chocolate - not that I miss it you understand!!! :)

The greenery has all returned to the trees over here and the world looks a pleasanter place.

I hope you have a real good week


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Nice to see you here, David. We will both have to wait until I'm finished to see how it will look, :-) but it gives me lots of advantages weaving the design from the side and I get used to it as I go along.

Enjoy the spring and nice green trees! - I think I will have to hurry up weaving my "wrap" -it is getting cold here!

I wish you a good week too!
(big smile!) Vera & Karley

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful start! It was great it to be able to see it up close and see the design. I'm looking foward to watching it come together. :-)

I admire your skill being able weave with the design horizontal. I think I would struggle immensely!

I hope your wrap is progressing well and you are nearing the finish. It felt so lovely and warm!

Wishing you good light and many happy hours of weaving. :-)


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thank you Tikarma! I appreciate your comment!
It was lovely having you here too! :-)
with Love,
mum & Karley xooox