Thursday, May 26, 2011

weaving the first tree ...

The progress for May, -  not quite as much as I intended but I am getting used to the dark rain clouds over my studio. My skylights do not help when it is dark like this, still I prefer to weave in day light. By now I am getting the hang of choosing my time and going away without forgetting to come back because I got carried away by something  else ... :-)

The pattern on top are the beginnings of a gum tree shedding bark and showing parts of it's new "dress".

Here is the first bird flying past the tree, - more to come ...

The middle part, showing the tree bark patterns closer up
Here towards the ground, also not finished yet, - and slightly thinking of changing the light grey middle part ...we'll see.

Weaving on my "wrap" blanket is going slow - I admit, I spent too much time in the garden, planting my vegie pots with garlic, onion, fresh spinach to replace the still going "old" one, peas,carrots, parsley and dill. Mulching the garden with pea straw,
digging the compost over and re planting
the carnations for next year and pruning my roses,
and, - yeah well! now I told on myself!

- back to weaving :-)!


K Spoering said...

Looking good, Vera! What is the size of this piece?

I know what you mean about getting sidetracked! I'm expecting the first of a bunch of company who will be here for the next two weeks. I don't expect to get much done in the studio on that time.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I really like your bark pattern. I think you've captured the patterning of those gum trees really well.
Of course I also love the texture you have going. I think it just adds a wonderful aliveness and vibrancy.

I can certainly relate to time just slipping away with other distractions. Especially when its the garden! :-) It's a good place though to find yourself "lost".

I hope there will be a good sunny day or two coming up for you and that you are able to make the best of this winter light. It has been very gloomy.
Looking forward to the next installment. I'm itching to see those flowers! :-)

Happy Weaving!

kaite said...

At this time of year it is critical to get into the garden as much as is possible as soon it will be too cold.
You've done a lot on your weaving, i esp like the middle part, the tree bark patterns when enlarged.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hello Kathy,
This tapestry is 95 cm 37 1/2" wide (which will be the height) and will be approx 75 cm high 27" which will be the width :)
thanks for your sympathy for "life getting in between" - hope you enjoy your 2 weeks too!

Thanks Tikarma
for your nice comment!
Thanks also for your wishes for sunny days! The forecast says: over the weekend! It would be good to get the washing dry too!
Best wishes for your drawing!
with Love,
Mum & Karley xooox

Hi Kaite,
You are so right, no wonder it seemed to me so urgent to be in the garden, the garlic has already started sprouting :-)
I am glad you like the gum tree patterns. I have been trying to do as much as possible of the tree in one go to not loose my feel for it.
Have a good week!

Mary said...

I have just been lamenting the overcast days too but I suppose we should be glad if it brings rain - in the right places, such as the dams.
I an interested to hear about your difficulty, initially, with the sideways design. I really respect the early weavers who did it from the back and looked in mirrors!

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi Mary, - yes, we need the water, but I think we will have a good winter.
Yes, it is remarkable how they wove the tapestries from the back with mirrors to see though if that is the way one learns it, we'd probably think nothing of it. Now it is a matter of people up-keeping tradition, - there is no technical advantage, whereas weaving tapestry from the side offers several advantages.I'm in general quite used to it, unless I weave something I haven't done before :-)