Wednesday, July 20, 2011

warming up ...

Here we are, - the material is off the loom, ready to be cut. Because the weaving is not wide enough, I made 3 panels for this wrap- blanket.

I felt very much touched, - my very first larger project which is entirely "natural" and hand made (my bed spread has a commercial cotton warp)
The sheep wool is partly in natural colours = white and grey and the colours are from natural dyes = marigold, soursop-flowers, honeybush and dark red rose petals, all hand spun and hand woven. It makes it feel very speciaL to me :-)

Here all finished, I crocheted the panels together and sewed a seam on top and made a hem. Added two crocheted ties...gave it a good wash and was so lucky to strike the one day with sunshine - it actually dried the same day!
and am happy to report that the blanket is soft and lovely warm.
I feel the colours are really cheerful too!

Now to weave the "real" blanket (single bed size) - that will take a while, but I am happy for that to be ready for next winter.

More about tapestry next time ...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Winter blues

It's "freezing" (for us), dark, rainy and windy, no wonder I'm blue :-) though I am trying to keep warm! The Snow drops like this weather!
 the blue bells are sprouting 
and Strawberries make sweet promises .....

I filled both sides of the weaving, 

I am not sure that I like the result on the right, 
varying the green in the leaves is what is causing the problem I think,
and I will change that, ... Some famous un-weaving going on
 the second time around (First I didn't like the background colour ...)

Galahs came to visit, one advantage of electric lines floating along the streets...
their chatter is so cheery! 
Til next time :-)