Wednesday, July 20, 2011

warming up ...

Here we are, - the material is off the loom, ready to be cut. Because the weaving is not wide enough, I made 3 panels for this wrap- blanket.

I felt very much touched, - my very first larger project which is entirely "natural" and hand made (my bed spread has a commercial cotton warp)
The sheep wool is partly in natural colours = white and grey and the colours are from natural dyes = marigold, soursop-flowers, honeybush and dark red rose petals, all hand spun and hand woven. It makes it feel very speciaL to me :-)

Here all finished, I crocheted the panels together and sewed a seam on top and made a hem. Added two crocheted ties...gave it a good wash and was so lucky to strike the one day with sunshine - it actually dried the same day!
and am happy to report that the blanket is soft and lovely warm.
I feel the colours are really cheerful too!

Now to weave the "real" blanket (single bed size) - that will take a while, but I am happy for that to be ready for next winter.

More about tapestry next time ...


kaiteM said...

that's absolutely beautiful Vera, so wholesome and full of goodness. how big is it finished?
natural colours go so well together. i don't know soursop, will go and look it up.

K Spoering said...

I hope you made this for yourself! It looks warm, cozy, and a truly beautiful thing to use; something to be enjoyed for years and then passed on to someone else to treasure.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! and beautiful! :-)

It so lovely to see the blanket finished! :-) I really like the colours, they are very cheerful. You can't beat those natural dyes. The colours produced really are very warming.

I hope you enjoy being warm and that you get many many years of good use from it. :-)

Wishing you a sunny weekend and good progress with your tapestry. Looking forward ot the next update.

With love

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Sorry for my late reply, had a problem with my modem for a few days.

Hi Kaite, Thanks for your nice comment,I am glad that you like it! It is 86cm (nearly 34")long and 2.30m (approx 90 1/2")wide to wrap around.
I also noticed with tapestry weaving how well natural dyed colours blend and it shows that they blend equally well with each other. I am very happy about the visual warmth and the actual warmth of the wool.

Kathy, thanks for your nice comment! Yes, (big glowing smile!) it is for myself, and I am very happy with the result. It is very cosy and warm and also not too heavy, - and yes, rather precious to me :-)

Hi Tikarma, so nice of you to comment, yes, all worked out well and I am very happy with it! Glad that you like it too,
wishing you good days,
with Love
Mum & Karley xOx

Mary said...

HI Vera,
your first comment made me remember why I don't weave - all that work and you are going to cut it!!
But I agree with everyone else, it looks lovely.
I think the soursop is oxalis - something that is growing ALL OVER our garden at present. Perhaps I should cut the flowers and dye some fabric. I did some when I was doing the dyeing part of my course and it made a lovely yellow.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi Mary,
I think you have the right plant, (all over our gardens!!!) but the advantage is that it is plentiful and easy to collect. It doesn't make a deeper yellow like marigolds, but is seems to be very light fast (with alum).
Yes, also to cutting woven material, my heart beat faster but I reminded myself that I wanted to keep warm :-)
Thanks for your nice comment!

Anonymous said...

I missed this one but am really glad I caught up - i can look at this blanket from the other side of the world and feel the warmth over here - Wonderful.

I can only imagine the satisfaction you must feel - there will be warmth in that too :)

I have never heard of soursop-flowers. Are they native to Australia or could I find them over here?

I shall think of you wrapped up warm.

I hope too your weather continues to move in a warmer direction.

Have a good week

With love