Saturday, July 9, 2011

Winter blues

It's "freezing" (for us), dark, rainy and windy, no wonder I'm blue :-) though I am trying to keep warm! The Snow drops like this weather!
 the blue bells are sprouting 
and Strawberries make sweet promises .....

I filled both sides of the weaving, 

I am not sure that I like the result on the right, 
varying the green in the leaves is what is causing the problem I think,
and I will change that, ... Some famous un-weaving going on
 the second time around (First I didn't like the background colour ...)

Galahs came to visit, one advantage of electric lines floating along the streets...
their chatter is so cheery! 
Til next time :-)


kaiteM said...

hi Vera, the light green and the bright red are a strong contrast, but it also depends upon what colours you intend to weave in above it. A whole new idea might be explored there. Stand back and long look for a while before unweaving.
I love your weaving, it communicates Country so much to me.
The galahs are cheery fellows, playing silly tricks on each other.

Anonymous said...

Your strawberries always come out so lovely! :-)
It has been very cold! It certainly makes it an extra challenge especially when working outdoors.
Hopefully we get some nice sunny weather soon. :-)
The sturt desert peas are always so striking it can be a challenge because they just jump out at you, but I agree with Kaite, take a long look before unweaving. The colours in your overall design will determie whether the contrast becomes a visual highlight or whether it it distracts from the tapestry as a whole.

I think you are doing a marvelous job and I'm just really enjoying the tree and the bark pattern you've woven.

Wishing you happy weaving and brighter weather. I hope the Galahs continue to visit. :-)

With love

Mary said...

I have just returned to wintry Melbourne after several weeks in London and France - long days of sunlight, quite warm weather. Big shock to come back to winter. One of the things I noticed was the very different sounds of the birds, it was quite noisy but quite different.
I have heard of this unweaving as reverse weaving lately - it is still a pain but sometimes you can't be happy until you do it. But, as the previous comments have said, don't be hasty, it may be fine.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thank you all for your comments! I will take another few days to look and think about it ....

Kaite, I think we share this love of Country ...

Tikarma, I look forward to your vegy patch in spring too! Hopefully the weather forecast is right and we will have slightly warmer weather middle of the week, thanks for your good wishes!

Mary, Yes, I usually encourage students not to worry about un-weaving. One can learn so much from it, - but loosing the time is frustrating for me. Still, expecting the "best" of myself has it's price :-)
Best wishes for settling back in!

Anonymous said...

There is something quite bizarre and yet wonderful about sitting at this side of the world looking at a picture of snowdrops and knowing they are blooming in your garden. I love snowdrops - they are the first heralds of spring over here. So, I guess they are telling you too that spring is on its way :)

And strawberries too - they would be later over here. One of the delights of Wimbledon (I have only been once) is to savour the strawberries and cream!! :)

I have never heard of "un-weaving" before but I guess I can figure out what it means - sounds like hard work!!

Nor have I ever heard of galahs, but they have the look of cheeky about them - they made me smile.

Thank you Vera, I enjoyed this blog.

With the hope you have a good week and some of that warmer weather materialises for you

With love


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi David,
Nice of you to come by,- here is a page about the Galahs and on the right you can find a sound file so you can hear them, - multiply by 40 to 60 birds :-)

The warmer days are nor happening yet, - it's that cold wind, - but you know all about that. Still, I'm intending to have a good week - wish it for you too!

with Love
Vera & Karley

Anonymous said...

Your garden tapestry weaving is lovely! Thanks, Vera, for sharing.