Monday, August 15, 2011

dividing time ...

The "Bird of Paradise" is flowering happily by now,

and so are the Lilies
and from somewhere this "other" Lily has appeared.
I finished spinning thick wool for my blanket.
Filled the whole huge jumbo bobbin plying it,
and still had some left over which I plied with a spindle.
I have now actually spun myself through the whole huge white fleece, 
looking forward to colours next!

Talking about colour, I bought this tiny Pansy, - can't wait til Spring.

and am digging up my shade house (a place for plants and to sit and have a break in the shade in summer). I have been given a stack of different pavers and I am preparing the ground -- when it is not raining. I meant to do this for ages, and am now getting sick of tripping over the stuff. It will be something like "crazy paving" (you guessed it!) - I haven't worked it out yet.
When it is raining I am weaving, unless it gets too dark, -  am playing at dividing time :-)
pictures of weaving next time.