Monday, August 15, 2011

dividing time ...

The "Bird of Paradise" is flowering happily by now,

and so are the Lilies
and from somewhere this "other" Lily has appeared.
I finished spinning thick wool for my blanket.
Filled the whole huge jumbo bobbin plying it,
and still had some left over which I plied with a spindle.
I have now actually spun myself through the whole huge white fleece, 
looking forward to colours next!

Talking about colour, I bought this tiny Pansy, - can't wait til Spring.

and am digging up my shade house (a place for plants and to sit and have a break in the shade in summer). I have been given a stack of different pavers and I am preparing the ground -- when it is not raining. I meant to do this for ages, and am now getting sick of tripping over the stuff. It will be something like "crazy paving" (you guessed it!) - I haven't worked it out yet.
When it is raining I am weaving, unless it gets too dark, -  am playing at dividing time :-)
pictures of weaving next time.


Anonymous said...

The Bird of Paradise looks stunning. It's great see the garden is coming to life with the slightly warmer weather.
I'm looking forward to seeing how the 'crazy paving' turns out. I know this has been a long work in progress for you so I'll be crossing my fingers that this spring/summeryou are finally able to have a nice place to sit come the hot weather. :-)
The wool for the blanket looks so soft. I hope the progress for it goes well. I was only thinking the other day about drop spindles and how I did actually enjoy trying to spin with it, even if I wasn't very good. :-) *lol*.

Wishing you all the best for good progress and happy weaving with your tapestry. May good weather and light be with you!

with much love to you
and pats for Karley

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Nice of you to comment, Tikarma!
I think I love the Bird of Paradise because of the shape and the beautiful colours, -
Thank you for your good wishes! I will post a photo when I have worked out the "crazy paving" :-)
wishing you a good creative week too,
with Love
Mum & Karley xOOOx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful flower that 'Bird of Paradise' is. I don't believe I have ever seen one before.

And, like Tikarma, I am looking forward to seeing how the crazy paving turns out. The thought of having a 'shade house' as a place to sit and relax is an enchanting one.

I love too the concept of "playing at dividing time" - I have always found that when I am 'playing' at something like that I get much more done than if I am being serious about it :)

Thank you for sending me the email - I did not get an automatic one.

I am going for a picnic with friends tomorrow - perhaps some pictures when I come back :)

With love

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thanks for coming to visit, David,

It was one of my wishes living here to have a "Bird of Paradise" plant, til I found out how expensive they are. Still, eventually I managed to get a real tiny half dead one with just 3 tiny leaves which had some pest on it, real cheap. I dusted it with tomato dust, got rid of the pests and managed to get it to grow. Now 9 years later it is big and gets many flowers -the reward of patience :-)

Will post photo of my paving, it is looking good, no rain forecast for next week!

Enjoy your picnic! pictures would be nice!!

with Love
Vera & Karley (who is refraining from helping me dig - I persuaded her :)

kaiteM said...

beautiful photo of the Bird of Paradise. i used to have one but not out here.
and how funny - i'm going to dig up my shade house lawn too and pave it. the grass doesn't grow well so it ends up neither here nor there, best to pave it, crazily.