Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventure in greens

With the nicer weather we had, I got tempted
to do some dyeing. First my two big skeins.
It turned out that I didn't have enough dark brown for this amount of wool and decided to dye brown first and then add dark green.
The result is what I like, lots of variations of the colours.
This will be socks, I look forward to knitting socks!
(but need to be good and finish my vest first :-)

The camera seems to see more blue than green, I tried shade outside, daylight inside, in the sunshine and overcast outside and I can not get it to bring out the green.
Maybe when the socks are knitted it will show up better.

I dyed a synthetic "bubbly" wool in pale greens,
which I look forward to use in my tapestry.

Because lots of greens are needed for my current tapestry I decided to dye some silk. My first ever attempt!
These are silk cocoons
(without any prior inhabitants :)!

I love spinning cocoons, they give a lovely textured silk and the beauty of it is that the inside of the cocoon is lighter in colour than the outside. Ideal to get lovely variegated yarn.
Lots of fun!

I also got some Throwsters Waste given to me.
I haven't tried spinning this before, but hope it will turn out interesting.

And here is some silk top. I am happy with the colour variations! This is Tussah silk.

In the meantime the weather has turned back to cold, - it is raining on and off, - the ideal weather to sit cosy inside and spin up all this lovely silky stuff to have it ready for weaving soon.


kaiteM said...

Lovely bit of dyeing, but all that green makes me feel cold, or maybe it's the fact that it's freezing outside here too. A good weekend for knitting. I've finished one project and now it's back to finish the one before it - knitting backwards.

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by green. And why not - after all according to Johnny Cash there are forty shades of it in my home country :)

I too see more blue than green in your first picture - it is a colour which reminds me very much of a colour I often see in the sea.

And I love the changing colours in the final picture.


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Kaite!
Actually yes it is freezing cold again .... but my tapestry title is "Garden Dreams" and I need lots and lots of green for that. I also think green is such a colour of spring ...and basically my favorite colour is blue, - which is probably why green doesn't make me feel cold at all :-)Wish you and Coralie a great next week!
Vera & Karley

Hello David,
I didn't think about Ireland the green Isle! but very true!:-)
Yes, the sock colour is dark and reminds me of colours in the sea too. I really look forward to knitting with it. I will give a follow up on the green variations when I have spun the different silks.
Have a good Sunday!
with Love
Vera & Karley

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that the wool for your socks came out so lovely! I hope you enjoy knitting up some new ones.
As with everyone else there is more blue coming through but I find I have that problem with my own camera. I'll email you a solution. :-)

It's great that the warmer weather gave you a chance to get some dyeing done.

I love the lustre on the silk especially with the Tussah silk! The green really came out a treat!
Does spinning increase of decrease the lustre or make no difference?

I hope with the rainy weather you enjoy spinning up all your silk. I look forward to seeing the finished result. I hope too you get some more good days for some more weaving.

Happy Spinning!! :-)

with much love

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi Tikarma,
Thanks for your nice comments!
One spins silk fine (I use most of my silk with 3 strands)with a high twist and that keeps the sheen. It has such a nice feel when you handle it.
I admit it! :-) my vest is still waiting to be knitted, - I could not resist starting on the first sock ...
definitely nicer and snug inside.
I hope for some warmer weather for us both!
and wishing you a good new week!

with Love
Mum & Karley xOOOx

Mary said...

Vera, in my previous life as a primary teacher I used to have silk 'worms' in our classroom. I now have quite a few silk cocoons. I have kept them in the hopes of one day learning to spin. Maybe one day.
I have done some work, not spinning, with silk rods and found that I was getting a touch of asthma, not sure if it will be the same with the throwster waste, be careful.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the tip, - I am actually not very keen on trying. I prefer to be able to spin smoothly, - I don't mind the texture I am getting from hankies and the cocoons, I love it, - but I don't have to battle to spin. That Throwsters Waste looks messy and was rather unyielding when I tried to pull. A friend sent it to me and I think I will just keep it as "curiosity".