Friday, October 7, 2011

Swap for cement

 I decided to take a holiday from weaving and push on with my shade house while the weather is still cool.
After 12 bags of cement and 2 of mortar, I am happy to report that I actually finished with it! Yay!

The shade house is in on the right in front of my studio, not far to go!   I have had a chance to try it out (since we had so much rain now) and it is nice to sit there for coffee break :-) Karley approves!
Now back to weaving !


kaiteM said...

it looks very shady, ha ha, well done a supreme effort. if and when i do mine i'm just going to set the pavers into loose granite and sand, the lazy girl's way. yours is permanent.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi Kaite,
Thanks! I did consider your method and usually it works well - it's just that I have couch grass growing in from next door. I longed so much not to have to do any more weeding there ... and could see in my mind the bushels of grass growing happily between the pavers ... so I did make sure the stuff does not show up there! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful arbour - I have visited it a number of times in my inbox for the sense of peace it gives me.

I can think of no more pleasant place for a morning cup of tea.
Does Karley allow visitors in?

I am so impressed by what you have achieved as I can appreciate the amount of hard work involved.
Really well done

I shall think of you there with your coffee


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi David, Thanks for taking the time and leaving such a nice comment! It's that determination/stubborn thing once I started, but I have been careful and done it slowly.
Karley loves visitors, she might bark to let me know but when someone comes in she gives them the royal dog escort with toy and lots of tail wags, to show how pleased she is!
That's the lovely thing about virtual stuff : you can visit any time, you're welcome! (and I do have tea bags too :-)

with Love
from Vera & Karley

Anonymous said...

Ah, I have kept it in my in-box Vera so that I can visit every time I turn on my computer :)

And perhaps, who knows, some time for real :)

Love David

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

David, You're welcome, any way you get there :-)

Anonymous said...


I think all your hard work has paid off. You've done a wonderful job creating such a lovely space.

I hope you and Karley enjoy many a fine sunny afternoon relaxing with a cuppa. :-)

I'm looking forward to getting the tour. :-)

Pats for Karley
with love
p.s. I like the new look of your blog. :-)

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi Tikarma,
Thank you for making such an effort to comment,- it's lovely to see you here!
I'm glad you like my shade house! and soon you'll be able to try it out too :-)
Nice of you to notice my blog change, I think it will make the photos with colours look better.
Wishing you a good week,
Lots of (((Big Hugs)))
and Love,
Mum & Karley