Monday, November 7, 2011

too busy :-)

Here is my small table loom called "Imp", with the old heddle set-up, which started to frustrate me no end, when the cotton gradually broke, - here and there - during weaving.
I think it would be about 50 if not more years old
and I decided to tie the heddles with new cotton.

Here I started tyeing  the first shaft.......

and something like 1000 knots later:

(I would not recommend it, it takes ages :-)

Here is "Imp" with his 2 new shafts!
I could not get the tightly woven tape to fasten the shafts and decided on shoe laces instead. Unfortunately there are only 2 shoelaces of each colour in the packet, but decided that blue on top and hot pink underneath made for a happy look :-)

Here is "Imp" from the front with a new scarf warp.
I wanted to use this thick weft (for warmth and nice colour)) and make it show more and also wanted the weave to be loose so that it would not be bulky and heavy - I am using a plain weave variation.

Here is the finished scarf (Christmas present for my friend in Germany)

Close-up - the weave worked out very well, the scarf is nice cuddly and soft (and not heavy). The weft is a thick yarn with a ribbon which makes for those colour changes.

And, - I also finished knitting my vest.
It is from Bendigo wool, "Rustic" which is a medium blue with a fleck and finished with a crochet edge.
 It keeps my shoulders nice warm!

And the biggest News?

Guess what is growing in my seed box?

Yes! Tiny "inzy weeny" Mandarin trees :-)
(Imperial Mandarins) Thanks to a tip in the "Gardening Australia" TV show - which was not to dry out the seeds, but to plant them fresh - it took over 5 weeks for them to pop up,
but : here they are!!

I wish you all a good week!