Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Into the new year - with lots of colours

I finished weaving a blue scarf for myself,
blue is my favorite colour :-), for next winter.

  I wanted to weave a table runner with Recycled Sari Silk, which I heard so much about.
 First I didn't have any of the 5ply Bendigo cotton left and decided to use the "Palm Beach" cotton in 3 strands.
Actually the cotton behaved very well, no tangles or twisting in bunches, - but the disadvantage is that it does not provide the same amount of "body".
It still looks very fine!

The recycled Sari silk felt heavy and not nice to the touch. It took me a while to work it out :-) and washed it!! It made a big difference. The yarn is now soft and does not feel heavy. I added a strand of "glitz" and wove a bit, but the fabric felt too thin for a table runner, well, - I like a thicker fabric!

I ended up winding 2 strands of recycled sari silk and the glitz together, usind a longer shuttle to get the whole yarn without having to cut it - and not get too bulky to go through the shed.
That worked out well, I just have to be careful when "wielding that long shuttle" :-)
So, here I am weaving my way into the New Year with lots of colours!

Thank you to all my friends for all your nice wishes!

May the New Year have lots of weaving hours (writing hours, crafting hours, painting hours - which ever applies to you!)
but most of all keep happy and healthy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


To all my weaver friends and friends:

Wishing you a great Holiday time,
and if you celebrate Christmas:
A very nice Christmas!
Also good wishes for the New Year!

This year I decided to sort through some of my collected gum nuts and seed pods, painted them with gold paint and used them as tree decorations. . I also ate some Walnuts (yum!) and glued the shell back together and painted those too. You can see all the different shapes better if you click on the photo for a bigger picture. The small flat laser cut-outs are from wood and are gifts from my cousin and my friend. I hope you will like it too.
I have also been spinning for a gift and now am weaving cotton warp with recycled Sari silk table runner ... pics next time!

Have a great time!