Monday, January 30, 2012

Happiness is ...

I've painted a picture for myself, to hang in the area
where I usually have my breaks and re-charge.
I felt: Happiness is :
sitting in the grass and looking at flowers!

It brightens up my space :-)

I finished the first recycled Sari Silk runner.-
think the colours look nice ....
and have started the second runner.

    one can see the colour changes better in this pic
but I'm not sure the camera focused well, due to  the depth of 4 layers  :-)

  and, - I finished my very first pair of socks!!!
Hand spun, hand dyed, hand knitted


AND - they fit too! :-)

   I've also re-arranged my work room in the house.
It gives me much more space for my frame loom, and good light next to the window - afternoons only - but that is better than not at all.
(At this time of the year it is too hot to work in my studio outside).

Here is my new small tapestry, just started.
It has a geometric design and has to be finished
middle of February.
Better get to it,

I wish you all a good week!


K Spoering said...

I hope the new small tapestry is coming to the small ATA exhibit, as i'll get to see it then! You had a more productive January than I had. Lovely painting to brighten your space!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mum,

What a cheerful start to year you've had. :-)

Your new paintng is really lovely. I like the mix of flowers you chose. Very up-lifitng. Happiness indeed! :-)I hope it makes those break times much more pleasant for you. :-)

The recycled silk sari runner is so cheerful too! A good splash of happy colour. :-)

I am very impressed with the socks. I hope they last a long time and keep your feet nice and warm. :-)

Your new tapestry looks very interesting. I look forward to seeing it finished. Will you be sticking with the black or gold or adding another shade as well?

Wishing you many hours of happy weaving!

With love
and ((hugs))

David Agnew said...

I love your painting.

As I stared at it the red flower in the middle changed into a butterfly, then into a pair of lips, then back to a flower again. :)

My place of reflection looks out on the tree outside my window - also an ever changing vista :)

What a very comfortable looking pair of socks - warm feet are essential to well-being methinks.

With love

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi Kathy,
sorry the tapestry is for AuNz Tapestry Group exhibition. I don't seem to make it to USA, maybe next year. :-)

Hi Tikarma,
I am glad you like my efforts! The navy blue strip (which looks black :)is actually my starter strip and will disappear behind the tapestry once it is finished. More colours to go with the gold ... It seems to be a colourful year for me :-)Thank you for your nice weaving wishes!
with Love
Mum & Karley xOOOx

Hi David,
Nice of you to comment - such a good poet - with lots of imagination :-) but glad it set you thinking. I love your tree too!
If I get my own socks done by our winter, I would be happy to make you a pair for Christmas. If you would like that, send me an e-mail with your foot length and width (in inches).

with Love
Vera & Karley

kaiteM said...

the sari silk runner and the painting share the same colours - very flower garden and gentle. well done for making your own socks from the sheep up, i'm hoping to knit my own tis year too, if i ever make enough beanies to pause for a minute.
hope you've got better weather there than here, no light at all today.

Mary said...

Vera, How busy you have been, especially considering the summer weather and working with warm wool. At least the summer weather gives you longer afternoons.
The colours of the sari silk are lovely. I am also very admiring of your geometric design. I have been working on that theme also and am finding such precision very challenging. I am learning lots about how to do circles, straight lines, etc.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...
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Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi Kaite,
I seem to get a "colourful year" this year :-) I thought you would understand the thrill to start at the sheep and end up with socks. I hope you will get time for your socks too, - must keep warm in winter! :-)
Hugs, Vera

Hi Mary,
Yes one can learn a lot, re technique< from weaving geometric patterns. By now I enjoy the challenge, - and do a lot of counting too :-)
I find it comforting to spin or weave when it is hot. It takes my mind off it, - unless it creeps over 38 degrees! but I prefer the other 3 seasons when I can work in my studio outside most of the time.
with Love, Vera