Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tribute to Karley


Much has been said about true friendship.
how prescious and rare it is in this fickle world,-
 to find someone standing beside you,
without hesitation, at any time.
Well, Karley is such a friend,  -
eager to please  and show off her accomplishments,
absolutely patient no matter how long it takes me
to find something on a aupermarket shelf,
or waiting for a bus,
happy about wherever I want to go
but still always watching out for me.

After a lifetime of work
people look forward to a big payout or a present
 to mark the occasion of their retirement.
Or even get a medal for a lifetime's achievments,
but of course Karley thinks nothing of those things!

So we take it like any other day but no harness,
just going for a walk but .... oh dear!
She has to wait outside the mall ...
she has to wait alone at home because she can't go on the bus!
She misses the sttention from people remarking
what a beautiful working dog she is ...

and me, - I had forgotten how much stress it causes
to get myself from point A to point B. I am carrying
an ID cane and work with a mini guide.
(I ended up putting the cane into my shopping trolley!
Not enough hands :-)

It will take us both some time to get used to those changes,
but it will give Karley a chance to learn that
I still love her just the same even though she is not working,
and to get settled in her retirement before a new dog
is going to join us. For me it can't be soon enough,
though really nobody would want to train in summer.
It is just too hot! I will try to be as good as Karley
 and wait patiently :-)

This photo by Anne Graebner
Happy retirement Karley!

may you snooze many more comfy hours,
enjoy racing around the backyard,
eat your dinner as if it was the first and last for weeks,
pretend not to notice when"cat" walks past
and keep going crazy at visitors,
so that they have to wait to get in .....

Pooch! rascal! best of friends!!
Thank you!


kaiteM said...

is karley retiring? does she want to retire or is she showing signs of wear? i hope she likes the new doggy friend when it arrives.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Yes, I've retired Karley, - she loves working but she is 11 1/2 years old. SEDA wanted her to retire in November but when they found out that she is happy and eagerly working, they said to leave her to work until I get the new dog.I felt it better that she will have some time to make the change before the new dog arrives, - not so good for me, but better for her. It will all pass :-)

David Agnew said...

What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful dog.

I trust Karley will enjoy her retirement.

Just knowing how much she is loved will I am sure make it easier for her.

And my best to you for the period of change


K Spoering said...

Karley is beautiful! She reminds me of our Bookee, who is also a very good dog, except a bit exuberant at greeting visitors. They must think everyone comes just to see them.

Michelle said...

Oh, how beautiful! She looks like such a happy joyous doggie :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Mum,
This is a most moving tribute! Karley has indeed been such a wonderful companion and best friend and so loyal and happy with her work.

The photos you chose just show her off beautifully. She is indeed a gorgeous dog. :-)

This is such a big transition for you both but I hope that Karley enjoys retirement and the time passes quickly for you until the new dog arrives.
It's been amazing how quickly the time has passed and a great testament to you both that she is so happy and still bouncing about like a puppy. :-)

Happy retirement to Karley!! May she have many years of happy snoozing ahead of her! :-)

(((BIG HUGS)))
with much love

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thank you David for your very nice comment and your good wishes!! Much appreciated!
with Love
Vera & Karley

Hi Kathy, yes they seem to have some traits in common and I love seeing photos of Bookee on your blog, and especially like your tapestry with Bookee swimming which you wove so very well!!

Hi Michelle, thanks for commenting. Isn't it great when a dog is 77 in human years and people still say she is beautiful :-) Best wishes for your SureSlim program!

Hi Tikarma, Thanks for taking the time to comment and send nice wishes! Sending a (((BIG HUG)))in return and wishes for good going for the rest of your painting week! with Love Mum xooox

Anonymous said...

With all good wishes for the new direction life is taking you both. May it be filled with lots of mutual learning, joyous milestones and abundant fun with the new team member.