Sunday, March 4, 2012

Autumn, cooler weather, yay!

Here is my new small tapestry 20 x 20 cm
approx 8" x 8"
for the AU-NZ Tapestry group exhibition.
The set theme was "Circles and squares" -
I made it "circle and squares" -
a play on a geometric design.

The warp is Swedish seine twine 12/12.
The weft is metalized polyester and hand spun
(by me:) silk. The colours are from
"Treetop Colour Harmonies".

Welcome to a new Teddy Bear!
his little heart says "Hug me" -
how could I resist?

I admit it: I collect Teddies ..  :-)

 and here is a new skein of brown wool,
Romney, - for more future socks.
Seems I spin more than I knit :-)
will have to try and catch up.

I watched a nature DVD and was so moved,
I came up with a new poem,
- you might like it, - if not, this is the end of this blog :-)
"The way you weave
On waves of moonlight,
Mask the marbled mound
With grey,
Gather gargantuan ghosts
From the woodlands,
Waving your willowy wisps,-

Magical, silent,
Mountain topped mist."

Wish you all a good week!