Sunday, March 4, 2012

Autumn, cooler weather, yay!

Here is my new small tapestry 20 x 20 cm
approx 8" x 8"
for the AU-NZ Tapestry group exhibition.
The set theme was "Circles and squares" -
I made it "circle and squares" -
a play on a geometric design.

The warp is Swedish seine twine 12/12.
The weft is metalized polyester and hand spun
(by me:) silk. The colours are from
"Treetop Colour Harmonies".

Welcome to a new Teddy Bear!
his little heart says "Hug me" -
how could I resist?

I admit it: I collect Teddies ..  :-)

 and here is a new skein of brown wool,
Romney, - for more future socks.
Seems I spin more than I knit :-)
will have to try and catch up.

I watched a nature DVD and was so moved,
I came up with a new poem,
- you might like it, - if not, this is the end of this blog :-)
"The way you weave
On waves of moonlight,
Mask the marbled mound
With grey,
Gather gargantuan ghosts
From the woodlands,
Waving your willowy wisps,-

Magical, silent,
Mountain topped mist."

Wish you all a good week!


kaiteM said...

a good week to you too Vera, love your new little tapestry, it's very bright and warm.
i collect teddies as well, and cute dragons. cheers

Michelle said...

Your gorgeous colours remind me of autumn too! And you spin your own wool? I am in awe ;)

David Agnew said...

I love your poem Vera.

It depicts for me who you are and what weaving means to you.

I hope you are well

With love


Anonymous said...

Hi Mum,

Your new tapestry is just lovely! I really like all the warm colours you've used. The gold background really highlights the purples and reds in the diamond.
It's very cheering. :-)

We all need teddies in our lives! :-)Especially when they ask us to hug them. :-)

I really like your poem too. Very etheral and calming.

I hope you have been having a good week.

with love
Pats for Karley

Mary said...

Vera, I love your tapestry. How hard was it to use the metallic thread?
I almost collected teddy bears. I don't think I had any as a child (I did have a doll) and so I got one as an adult. Then a acquired another. Somehow some friends got the idea that I was collecting them and started giving them to me. I really only wanted to choose my own and there is only so much room available and teddies can take up quite a bit of room. So I have downsized and announced that I do not collect teddy bears.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thank you all for your nice messages!
I haven't been going too well catching a cold, but I am much better now!
Mary, the metallic thread doesn't stretch and is fine to weave with!
Enjoy the rest of your painting week, Tikarma, and thanks for your kind comment David.
I'll be back soon :-)

Mary said...

Hi Vera,
I have just been privileged to see your work in actuality (in the flesh, so to speak) and your pictures do not do it any justice, it is gorgeous.
We are going to hang the tapestries tomorrow at the Victorian Handspinners and Weavers Guild rooms. They are all so lovely.