Sunday, April 22, 2012

weaving update

With daylight savings ended, suddenly the time in the garden becomes shorter  - but of course there is so much to do there now...
And working hours have to change because I can work in my studio again - it always takes me a few weeks to get the hang of the new routine, - not counting the hours where the sky gets so dark with rain, that I have to stop work...
But, - there is some progress:

3 more birds have appeared - just one tail missing
... remember this tapestry is woven from the side, so the bird will fly in the right direction when the tapestry is finished, instead of nose diving, as they do now...

I've used "feather" yarn for the birds.

Next come the first flowers,

followed by some climbing purple flowers.
The far right might change: I am not entirely happy with the way my rocks have turned out - the line is too straight.
Yes, my cartoon consists purely of outlines of where I want to place things, also determining sizes and shapes and possibly containing some scribbles to remind me what I have planed for the shape, - but I work out all the colours and details while I weave - with the result that I sometimes un-weave. I still think that is a very good way to really explore all possibilities - though granted, it takes a little more time.

Also some more recycled-Sari-Silk mats. At the one on the right, I added a thin strand of black wool which has gold specks in it. I was quite surprised how nicely the black strand brings out the colour changes. I only used gold yarn with the sari-silk weaving the mat on the left - it nearly looks faded in comparison.  

Photo by Jamie McPherson

A little Greeting from our Easter picnic under the trees: graciously smiling two ladies! :-)

wishing you all a great week
and lots of Happy weaving!