Friday, July 27, 2012

little steps

Going towards end of winter,
and what is nicer than a purry cat in a basket  :-)
except that it is actually my knitting basket...

Still knitting on the jumper, I suspect it will be ready for the warmer weather :-)
also trying out another pair of socks from hand spun merino/kid mohair, - will see how that goes. The yarn tends to stretch even though I plied 1 strand wool with one strand kid mohair - which is supposed to stop the kid mohair from slipping. It still stretches when weaving tapestry with it. I am seeing if knitting with it makes a difference.

Weaving table mats with recycled Sari Silk on a red cotton warp (!) it actually looks nice! using up stash!

and suspect the wool blanket will be ready for next winter too....


I am making some progress weaving the tapestry.

When the going is tuff, - make little steps!

The area of the purple climbing flowers is finished.

The flowers are coming along slowly,
the area which is going to go above the flowers is started.
I am trying out recycled Sari Silk and I have not quite decided yet if I will use it - sometimes it is a good idea to leave things and keep coming back to it until I am sure that I like the choice, or sure that I want to make a change.

I forgot to get all the hanging yarns out of the way,
but I am sure you can still work it out :-)

The "brown" area to the right of it had not been what I wanted and is now re- woven, - I am happy with it now!
The  area with the 3 birds is nearly finished,
only one more bird to go in the next section above.

Karley working out what has happened to my knitting basket...
(left) Niddy (cat) is fast asleep.
(the pic is yellow because I don't use flash when cat or dog are facing me)

I haven't been hibernating ... just finding the change
of situation without a guide dog quite unsettling
 and not overly conducive to creativity. It's been a long time!

 I might be starting training with a new dog in
2 weeks, or 3 - and fretting about Karley,
 - don't know if I can part with her,
 respectively manage 2 dogs....
life! It will all work out,

Happy weaving/spinning/creating - to all of you!