Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Signs of Spring

Almond blossoms in my garden,
 petals strewn right to my studio door,
I always delight in this royal "carpet"!
- the blossoms don't last very long,
but I admire them while they are here.

A very nice retired couple are the new "mum & dad" to Karley. I am missing her! She is enjoying her royal retirement, - 2 people to get pats from, drives in the car !!! holidays and bush walks...
and apparently judging from first new photo - a hair cut (!) - it's a funny old world!

Getting on with weaving,

my solace :-)

so lucky to have a studio to come to
and work in.
I'm happy with my progress.

I use recycled hand spun Sari Silk for the shape above the orange flowers.

The Recycled Sari Silk (top left) has such vibrant colours, -
but to my surprise, woven in, it appears rather dark.
The "fuzzy" yarn is a green colour.
I feel it fits well, even though the area seems dark.

Here I used a lacy variegated ribbon for the triangle shapes, there are three different ribbons, one with a light brown, the other with golden yellow, the third with green.The back ground is hand spun and hand dyed variegated wool - Earth Palette Dye.

I find it difficult to get the colours quite right in the photos, - it might be the winter light.

By now I would have had my new guide dog, but it didn't quite turn out that way. There are apparently different styles of training (depending on the school and view of the instructor) and the one I got, did not work for me at all. I stopped my training last week. So, for the time being we are trying to work something out, but I have no idea yet as to how we will proceed. Good things take time ..(drat!)

I had a small disaster with my jumper. Knitted all the neckline of the front part to find that with the bulky wool, the stitches to pick up for the neck band had got too big! First time I am knitting a bulky jumper. After un-ravelling, I am back to try again.

Here is a cheery Dandilion,
they make good dyestuff too...

Happy weaving, knitting, crafting -
and good recovery and happy playing with new puppy to Tikarma,

until next time :-)