Sunday, September 30, 2012

Almost there - last update!

Here we are, the second tree is nearly finished and the finish line is clearly in view.
All that remains to be done
 (uhm, still quite a lot actually :-)
- is "greenery".
You may notice that, apart from a dividing line between tree leaves and greenery, there are no markings for outlines. I prefer to "Play" and weave the greenery as it comes, as I feel it, as I like it...
I think it's fun!

 A close up of the tree trunk - yes, some more Sturt Desert pea flowers - the first one is in place.
I wove the loose bark with bulky hand spun wool, natural colour. I nearly wished that I had not spun the wool so well, to get more bumps...:-)

underneath are the new flowers, which finish up the middle of the tapestry (it's easier to remember the tapestry is woven sidewise this time, since we all know trees grow upwards :-)

The middle of the tree, and the end of the flowers underneath. All the rest of the tree is woven with hand spun slk. I wanted to show off the beautiful sheen of the smooth new bark.
The top of the tree with some foliage.

Well, I hope to see you before end of October with the pictures of the finished tapestry ...
I am steadfastly ignoring weeds for now, but go to check out the strawberry pots. So delicious, can't miss that!
Enjoy spring! (or Fall with those beautiful colours!)

Happy weaving and/or working at whatever is important to you!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weaving Update

 My update for end of August/ start of September.

                    I will have to catch up on the left side of the tapestry, before being able to finish the top part of the shape coming from the left...

In the middle my "water feature"
 with tiny pale blue water flowers.....

Here I started white flowers and some buds
over the section with the recycled Sari Silk.
left  bottom, a small patch of sky, --- remember,
this is woven from the side :-)

Here is the left (top) of the tapestry with the last bird finished and two branches from the tree on the right side of the tapestry (above) coming across.

I hope you enjoyed this update,
til next time!
and happy working at whatever you are doing!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

made it! - Celebrating...

Firstly I'm celebrating 30 years of weaving tapestry!
Did someone add up how ancient I am?
 The number doesn't worry me :-) !!
After my mum died it was difficult to have to correspond with a lawyer, who apparently had been my family's lawyer for something like 25 years, but was unknown to me. It was in the days of no PC or e-mail. My first request were some personal items to be sent and to purchase a loom in Vienna and send it to me. The loom arrived 2 weeks before the Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin (where I lived at the time). Of course I had unpacked it by then from it's plastic wrapping and set it up! It took several months to be reunited with my loom after having been evacuated to WA. The loom survived standing out in the tropical rain for nearly 3 months (there was no roof left on our house). And so lucky that I made that request first thing, as the family lawyer took off with my and 2 other people's money to retire somewhere in the Bahamas ... they say: "life is stranger than fiction :-) I have always been happy with my choice!  but it took until the early 80 in Adelaide, before I had a chance to start to weave tapestry. I love it ever since!
photo 1982 with "Steffl" my loom from Vienna/Austria (busy securing warp ends).

and Today:

I graduated from my training class at the Adelaide "RSB Guide dogs"       
with YEVA. She is a Golden Retriever x Labrador,
18 months old and , - can you see?
 we are very happy with each other!

It has been a difficult time for me since end of January this year when Karley had to retire and for that reason it is now such a big relief to start another chapter  of happy team work.

I have actually been able to sneak weaving in between my class activities. It helped me to stay in balance and also to get Yeva used to the idea that I spend some time in my studio with her.
I have not had time to take photos (of the weaving) yet but will get to update my progress as soon as the weather is more "photo friendly" - it is dark, stormy and raining for now!

Yeva also came with toys, including her own Teddy bear, which she has since she was a little puppy.

Happy weaving or whatever you are doing!