Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yikes! Spring clean... and a visitor

Just made it before the warmer weather set in and re arranged my studio - in as: hiding everything which should be in a garden shed behind my big loom. It's not a bad room divider :-) Before, I had all my storage bins there and had a hard time squeezing in and finding the right box.

I put the storage boxes in the corner next to the door, - look at all the space, even my warping board fits in.

I decided on boxes to keep the dust out of my yarn.
Of course I dreamed of tall shelves with glass doors, but once I found out how expensive glass doors are... I am very happy with my storage boxes!

Yeva is there too, she is quite happy keeping me company in my studio (we don't go there when it is hot!

The boxes are all labelled and contain colour ranges of different yarn for tapestry weft. For eample one box has light brown, another dark brown yarn, and so on, which makes it easier to locate and keep yarn.

Yeah! keeps me fit too, lifting boxes, - it's always the box 2 further down :-) but it will be bliss to have enough space to move.

 I also shifted my sewing-up frame to stand near the rug loom, and shifted the table with my table loom to the middle. That allows me more space to get to the window, and enough space to use the two trolleys next to the loom to deposit shuttles, since I weave with two different colours. - This is my single bed blanket for next winter out of hand spun warp and thick bulky hand spun weft. (Natural colours and dyes).
And it makes the area look more roomy.

Next to the table loom is still enough room for my painting corner - and radio, of course! I love to weave to nice music.

And just when I finished all, - I got a studio visit from Jayne (NSW) today. She is a Yr 3 student doing the SWTAFE Tapestry course. I had a lovely afternoon! We had great conversations  about tapestry weaving, spinning, checking out Jayne's great photos and of course, talking about our dogs :-)

And the best news:
there is enough warp left one the loom for *one more tapestry*!

and I could not resist tying the warp back on straight away!
It took a little while and got slightly dark for the camera, but I had to share the good news :-)
Now to the drawing board to get the design finished (cartoon).
I might not get much weaving done straight away, depending on the weather.  But it is great to know it's there, whenever I get the chance.
(In a perfect world I would have insulation and inside walls and ceiling, but really, even so, - I am very glad to have my space!.
I have a design for my frame loom, to weave at inside (where it is cool), - but more about that next time.

Happy weaving and crafting! and present making :-) 

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Mary said...

Vera, what a wonderful space! I assume you had helping bodies moving all that equipment. It looks so organised and inviting. I hope the hot weather we have had recently doesn't mean that summer is here - I much prefer the cooler spring weather. Happy designing.