Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things happen...

Here I am! doing a rather long strip of card weaving.
I went to the Park for Yeva to have a little free time. I wasn't quick enough and Yeva peed on her leash while I put her harness on my trolley. I tried, not very succesfully, to dry it on the grass and decided to hang it over my trolley til it was dry. Yes, I usually clip it on to the harness, but it was wet .... apparently it slipped off my trolley as I walked. I noticed it further on and turned back, walked the whole bit twice. A lady even stopped to help look for it, but it had disappeared. Good luck to whoever felt, they needed it more than me!

So! .... there I am weaving a leash, which has to be double length,
to allow for easy control of the dog in harness

Here we are! finished!
Yeva is not used to pose for pics - no smile, - she will get the hang of it! :-)
It's such a relief to have a leash again! It's not leather, but actually the tablet woven strip is equally strong. I use rug wool. It washes easily, which is also great for going to  the beach! and is kind on one's hands.
In Lappland in the olden days of dog sleds, they used to weave the dog harnesses from those strips because leather cracks when the temps are freezing but the wool retains it's strength. They also used the strips as decorations for their coats and hoods.

I had enough wool left for an additional normal length dog leash.
It is for sale, if you are interested.
It is 108cm (40 1/2" long)
including swivel clip and handle.
I used to make lots of those leashes in different colours for my shop and used mine for years for my pet dogs. (Cocker Spaniel, Newfundland).
It's a fun way to get a little colour in one's life
and make the dog feel special!

 Only a small progress on my tapestry,  - the weather has been too hot still. I have to be careful not to be sweaty weaving with silk...
On the left is the surf, on the right a river joining the be continued :-)

Best wishes to you all.
til next time :-)


Mary said...

Sad to lose the leash but the new one is gorgeous! It looks like the hot weather is here for a while, hope it cools down in time for the challenge. I am looking forward to seeing your work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mum,
That was such bad luck to have the leash lost. In all honesty, yours looks much nicer. :-) I'm impressed with how quickly you wove both leashes!
I like the colours too, nice and vibrant which against Yeva's hair it really stands out well.

The tapestry is looking good. I'm very interested to see more progress. :-). I do like the blues you've used. :-)
I hope the cool change comes your way and you are able to enjoy a good week of weaving. :-)

with lots of love and
Big Pats for Yeva

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thank you Mary, that makes me feel better :-),
and thank you Tikarma for your nice comment
and thank you both for your nice wishes, - update coming soon...