Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Water - all the way

Here is my "From the Mountains to the Sea"

The top strip shows the spring - with a small waterfall emptying into a lake - second strip - from there going to the left into the third part, which is the river - and to the right flowing into the sea underneath - with a little surf to the left,  against a coast line.

I like the idea of the mountains mirroring in the lake --wonder what others think of the overall idea.

I have used mainly hand spun silk, some recycled Sari silk for the 3 separating bars, some viscose embroidery yarn, acrylic mohair and metalized polyester - for silver and blue glittery bits, which unfortunately don't show up in the pictures.(scans).

If there is one thing I don't yet have enough experience with - it is how to keep the edges straight. I have no problem at all when weaving larger tapestries, but in the confines of 20 cm I get surprises every time.
I think that it is the hand spun silk. It is extreemly unforgiving when it comes to weft tension and partly confusing, because of the natural un-eveness of my hand spun (I refuse to spin like a machine, - it is part of the charm of the hand spun - in my opinion :)
I seem to have the knack of it over larger distances - but I am far from perfect in this format. I will give it more practice in my next tapestry.
And to top it off - I actually didn't realize that my warp was 21.5 cm wide - giving me measurements of 21.5 cm x 19 cm ( 8 1/2" x 71/2"). The requirements for max size is 20cm x 20 cm and I will have to find out, if my measurement is still acceptable, or if I have failed and the tapestry won't be accepted...( for the AusNZ Tapestry Group exhibition) I will let you know!
We are having rather hot weather for a week already and according to forecast another week to go - which is tiring because it is partly overcast and definitely doesn't cool down enough over night - Temps are between 21 to 23 degrees over night, between 31- 35 degrees day over 38 by next week, sigh!
Love my air con over night - but dream of cooler weather.

My little fig tree in the pot, decided to surprise me and is growing a baby fig - at the end of the top leaf stem. That will be nice, I won't say no, after all, it's something to look forward to  :-)

Wishing you all a good week and lots of creative time - yes, already have a design for the next tapestry ...

Cheerio - until next time.