Sunday, June 23, 2013

was someone hibernating "?" :-)

After quite a long break - some news:

I have been spinning up a purple-mauve-blue sliver
and in the top of the basket, part of the silk cocoons which I solar dyed, end of summer. It does not show in the photo but it is a more textured yarn and also variegated between the pale golden yellow and the more faded and white from the inside of the cocoons where the dye did not reach. This skein is part of the silk I am spinning for the back ground of. my new tapestry.
The middle skein are just the leftover from both the puple and the pale gold. In tapestry even small amounts come in handy.

This is spun silk sliver, again one of those I solar dyed (from Marigold flowers)and which turned out a lovely pale gold.The sheen makes it look white in parts but it is all one even colour.
Again this is spun as textured yarn for the back ground of my new tapestry - it is meant to look like an old surface...) - and is the biggest skein I ever spun of silk - a whole 95 g  :-) !

I've mentioned the new tapestry twice, but there is no picture yet. I had been working on a design for my new tapestry which I have been thinking about for a long time. Then suddenly, a new idea came up - something which developed into a "must do" urge until I could not resist and started on the new design. Hence a little slow coming up with something woven - other than my "starter strip". I always weave a strip about 1 1/2 cm high before I start on the actual tapestry. It provides me with a solid base for the actual weaving and I use the strip as a hem when the tapestry is finished. Most of the time I also weave my studio name before starting the tapestry. This way the name is at the back of the tapestry and doesn't annoy anyone (if exhibited). I don't like doing that at the end of the tapestry since all I can think of is, that I have finished the weaving and want to cut the tapestry off  the loom. :-)

 .In the meantime I feel cosy, warm and snug in my new hand spun merino + kid angora-mohair socks. One ply of each. Dyed with "Earth Palette" dye. I was not sure it would work since the kid mohair is so soft, but they are heavenly to wear. I made a mistake at the toes decreasing in every row instead of every second row, but the socks are a perfect fit and I decided not to undo it. It turns out that I have enough to knit a second pair and made a note to do it right next time :-)

And I am trying out "Mini Tapestries" to see if
someone might like those.
The size of the canvas is 10 x 10 cm
(4' x 4')  they come with a stand or can be hung on the wall.
Woven with hand spun silk (by me) and metalized polyester for the sparkly bits (on Seine Twine warp).


They will sell for $28.00 plus postage ($6.95 in Australia)
Can be bought without stand for $26.00 + postage.
Each one will have a unique design (no repeats) This is Number 1

Wishing you all a good week!
Progress on the new bigger tapestry next time :-)