Friday, September 13, 2013


Very "happy camper" here :

I sold my "Secret Garden" tapestry.
It went to a very nice new home!
half way around the world ...

New mini tapestry: "Friends"  :-)
 Hand spun silk and gold yarn
mounted on painted stretcher canvas

New hand woven  recycled Sari Silk table runner
woven with two strands of Sari silk - one a happy yellow the other a multi coloured strand.

and another hand woven recycled Sari silk table
runner woven with 2 multi coloured strands of Sari silk on cotton warp.

You can see those and more in my Etsy shop click here

Spring is moving in - my little Bluebells are flowering ..

Wishing you all a great Spring time,
 with lots of new creativity!