Tuesday, October 1, 2013

cold again and windy

 I've spend some time trying to work out how to convert my ball winder to wind by hand and finally "got it".  It has a new spindle and once I wound balls on I could only get them off the spindle with difficulty! - more delay varnishing - two coats. Now the balls slide off happily.
Here is my "winder table" with normal ball winder left and the floss card winder above it and the "special ball winder" on the right. The reason this ball winder is so important to me is because it makes a smaller hole in the ball and I can wind up small balls to use for my tapestry weaving (instead of 100's of bobbins), without those getting in a mess.
This ball winder also has a second spindle which is smaller in diameter, again which allows me to  put the  weaving shuttle bobbins on it and wind them up. I like it better than using a drill :-)

I finished the set of 4 place mats with different colour edgings.
Cotton warp, with ribbon bands and cotton-slub with recycled Sari silk weft.
Here is a close-up which really shows the colours nicely.

Finished spinning one skein of natural white superfine merino plied with natural white angora-mohair kid ...
scrumptious! Very warm, turns slightly fluffy when worn in socks ...someone will have to wait for all the knitting to happen :-)

Though the weather has turned stormy, windy, drizzly rainy and cold again, - my cat Niddy is molting. She turns brown on top until she will have her sleek black summer fur again.
So, there is hope that the weather will improve!
I can not work in my studio when it is so windy and cold, though I have used several good hours in preparing the cartoon details and working out the yarn to use.
I am planing to use multiple strands of sewing cotton and hope to try out tomorrow how that weaves...
Please come back dear Spring! :-)

On a positive note - my tiny fig tree has already sprouted new leaves...

wishing you all a good week and that all projects will go well :-)