Saturday, April 26, 2014

busy again

In answer to the 2014 challenge of the AusNZ Tapestry group I wove something abstract to give the feeling of  "Light and Shadow", which was the set theme.
Unfortunately my camera did not cope with so much contrast. Firstly the "Light" side is woven with a yarn which has a sparkle in it, which one can not see, and the "Shadow" side is woven from hand spun natural black wool and a shade of dark hand spun brown wool (dovetailed) which one also can not see - and the beads on the "Shadow" side are most beaufully speckled wood from Africa. They reminded me of the patterns the shadows of plant leafs make, when some light filters through - which can not really be seen well in the photo. The beads on the "Light" side do not have those patterns, though they have a dark surround which can be seen as shadow.
To sum up, though most of the effects do not appear on the photo, I was happy with the way it looks in reality. We get a CD with the pictures of all tapestries when the tapestries come back from their travelling exhibitions through NZ and Australia - I just hope that whoever photographs the tapestries, has a better camera, producing a more accurate picture. If not, it will be another of those tapestries which look best when actually viewed.

I've also crocheted a new vest for myself to keep warm
in the colder weather.
It is made from recycled wool, which I dyed in dark and lighter shades. The original wool was a fawn colour.
Even though there are so many "holes", the vest is very warm!

I've also crocheted a shoulder bag with leather/fur patches.
They are from tanned sheep hide and I used pure wool rug wool
in 2 shades for the crochet - after punching an innumerable amount of holes all around the edges of the leather patches :-).

I made a lap afghan from one part of the blanket which I wove previously and crocheted an edge with eucalyptus green hand spun wool.

The last part of the blanket is now a baby blanket
edged with hand spun white wool which I plied with undyed kid mohair.

I am still weaving my single bed blanket,- I am weaving two single bed lengths (which seem to take "for ever") which I will then crochet together to make the width for the single bed.
I did not think double weave would work well with hand spun bulky wool.
It should be ready for this winter :-)

 Still spinning silk,
This one is variegated, spun for texture -thicker and thin - and is navaho plied (3 strands).

Now spinning a "Sea green" Silk ...

I also started weaving at my other tapestry again, now that the weather is nice to work in my studio.
The only problem are those overcast days when the sun comes out for a while and then it gets dark again, but I am getting there :-)

Until next time,
happy working at whatever you are doing and hopefully you enjoy nice weather too!!


Mary said...

Great to hear from you again Vera! And it sounds like you have been very busy.
We will be seeing the Light and Shade exhibition again later this year and I am looking forward to seeing your work in reality. Photos never do them justice even when they are good photos.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Thank you for your nice comment! So true that tapestries look best when one can actually see them :-)
I look forward to find out what you think when the exhibit comes to Melbourne.

Moorecat said...

How lovely to hear from you again Vera!

I'm glad that Karley is settling in with her new family and Reva is such a beautiful young lady.

Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Vera, so nice to see your beautiful work. Your "Light and Shadow" abstract piece is very creative, reminds me of nature - the light side of a landscape and sky from a distance and the dark side of earth and grass close up.