Monday, October 26, 2015

starting the busy time...

 Eagerly awaited spring flowers are up
 and with the nicer weather more time to weave!
This tapestry is a real balancing act in regards to the light shades of brown/fawn, which need to blend but also show up sufficiently. What looks great in the yarn doesn't turn out that great when woven and I find myself basically test-weaving and undoing -searching for more different yarn and weaving again. I feel like a beginner weaver, all my experience in choosing colours and shades seems to have disappeared when it comes to fawn and shades thereof - but there is some progress and I am still smiling!  :-) All the background colour is handspun silk (by me) and plant dyed.

In the meantime I wove a heather coloured tablerunner

 and 3 different Sarisilk table runners.
This one with a yellow hem,

all at my  Etsy shop

The recycled Sarisilk is the loom waste from weaving Saris and is hand spun (this lot was hand spun by indian ladies :-)

This runner has a knotted fringe,
and the last one comes with a turquoise hem.

Because the Sarisilk colours are randomly spun each runner is different.

Now I have 200g of Sarisilk ends which I am spinning myself. This is the first 100g ...

And the red cactus buds have started to flower.

Yes, didn't quite manage to keep up with all the spring grass but I hope you still like the flower.

 Nearly forgot, - I finished my first pair of socks, knitted with the selfpatterning sock yarn. They are wooly socks for next winter - and I am knitting another pair with a different "pattern"

Until next time, best wishes for all your projects!

Monday, September 14, 2015

small steps

 Spring is here!
3 days of warm weather to greet us with :-)
 now it is cooler again but the garden is coming alive!
The lilies are flowering and the bird of paradise has several beautiful flowers, the little blue bells are out and the Banksia rose is budding ... the fig trees are sprouting leaves ....

and this little plant (I don't know it's name, it was a gift from a friend) is flowering for the first time in years!
 I've treated myself to a bag of Bendigo "Ready-Spin"
It's a nice break from spinnung silk for the tapestry.
I am spinning it all up to ensure I stay at the same thickness
and have started knitting for a new jumper (for next winter)

 The tapestry is slowly growing.
It is a real challenge to weave with such light colours.
I have "un-woven" about as much as there is woven now in an effort to match the shades. It seems a lot of trying out but I prefer that to make sure the result is "right" :-)

well, - at least i have half a foot in it :-)!
Blogger is temperamental today - it doesn't let
me put the text where I want it !
Above I started new Strawberry seedlings this year
I have a large garden and there is a lot to do at this time of year, but I enjoy it too.

I am also knitting socks with the selfpatterning yarn,
 (from Spotlight) a novel experience for me :-)
 It doesn't quite make the pattern which it shows on the paper, but I think they still look nice. I keep knitting to find out what the next stripe will be like ... it should not take long.

Until next time with good wishes for all your projects!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Change of direction

I've had a difficult year and was second guessing myself about what I was doing and specifically not doing.
I'm over it now and decided that giving up is just not my way. I feel this design is a challenge - and I am going to meet it.
After all when down the only other direction is up :-)

This is the picture which initially inspired me and I have now started weaving again. I should have some progress photos by next time!

I'm currently spinning the yarn for the lighter back ground - the kind of white  "over dress" on the left.

 Meanwhile I finished the 3d scarfe on the same warp, woven with brushed wool yarn and hand spun silk, - This one is 2m (7' ) long not counting the fringes - long enough to snuggly wrap around against any cold wind.

Below is a picture of the 3 scarfes together
to show the differences better,

left, the scarfe with brushed wool yarn and hand spun silk,
Middle - with recycled hand spun Sari Silk
right - with bulky synthetic wool.

at my Etsy shop :
They are all nice warm and just the thing for the coming winter :-)

Am now setting up the little loom with a new warp for more Sarisilk table runners and place mats.

With good wishes for all your projects!
until next time, :-)

Friday, April 24, 2015

New territory

My tiny "Morning glory" seedling has settlet in well and is busy climbing on my shade house and threading themseves inbetwen the roses to the open area. The climbing roses do not show any desire to cover more than 1/4 of the roof area and more shade for summer would really be good. I thought of the morning glory as I had it growing on a veranday many years ago and I love the big deep blue flowers.

No tapestry photos this time but I will catch up next time. I had the thought for a long time to weave "something ancient egyptian" but had not found the picture which inspired me to actually go ahead. Now I found it - a scene where pharao Seti I is welcomed to the after life by Hathor. I have been working at it for a while, experimenting with colours, shades and yarns. I have found that the simpler and clearer an image is, the harder it is to get it right :-) I was nearly about to give up on it, but I am feeling now that I am on the right track and getting ahead easier. It's very intense - I am weaving the background with hand spun (by me) silk which is variegated - I don't want to produce the type of souvenir bright colour "egyptian" but rather also show the age of the art work. I have done more un-weaving than weaving - this is unknown territoy for me - but maybe this is the challenge I need to go on to other things after this.
There is just enough warp left on the loom for this piece - I am "pushing it" it's just enough and hope the loom tension will stay with me :-) and after that I will set the loom up for the next 3 to 4 tapestries. Hence I am a little irked at going so slow - but remind myself that one has to be able to walk before one can run...

I also finished another pair of socks for this winter
and a pair for
my next door neighbour.

Handspun Merino wool
with kid mohair, hand dyed and knit all by me.
They are really lovely warm and comfy.

 Also been busy weaving scarfes,
this one with SariSilk
the one below with bulky acrylic wool.
Both on a warp with cotton, hand spun wool and
 acrylic wool.

Both are soft and warm!
Weaving one more with the same warp with italian Mohair yarn and hand spun silk
at my Etsy shop

It is cold and very rainy here, I hope it will stop for the ANZAC celebrations.....

Until next week best wishes for your projects!