Saturday, May 23, 2015

Change of direction

I've had a difficult year and was second guessing myself about what I was doing and specifically not doing.
I'm over it now and decided that giving up is just not my way. I feel this design is a challenge - and I am going to meet it.
After all when down the only other direction is up :-)

This is the picture which initially inspired me and I have now started weaving again. I should have some progress photos by next time!

I'm currently spinning the yarn for the lighter back ground - the kind of white  "over dress" on the left.

 Meanwhile I finished the 3d scarfe on the same warp, woven with brushed wool yarn and hand spun silk, - This one is 2m (7' ) long not counting the fringes - long enough to snuggly wrap around against any cold wind.

Below is a picture of the 3 scarfes together
to show the differences better,

left, the scarfe with brushed wool yarn and hand spun silk,
Middle - with recycled hand spun Sari Silk
right - with bulky synthetic wool.

at my Etsy shop :
They are all nice warm and just the thing for the coming winter :-)

Am now setting up the little loom with a new warp for more Sarisilk table runners and place mats.

With good wishes for all your projects!
until next time, :-)