Monday, September 14, 2015

small steps

 Spring is here!
3 days of warm weather to greet us with :-)
 now it is cooler again but the garden is coming alive!
The lilies are flowering and the bird of paradise has several beautiful flowers, the little blue bells are out and the Banksia rose is budding ... the fig trees are sprouting leaves ....

and this little plant (I don't know it's name, it was a gift from a friend) is flowering for the first time in years!
 I've treated myself to a bag of Bendigo "Ready-Spin"
It's a nice break from spinnung silk for the tapestry.
I am spinning it all up to ensure I stay at the same thickness
and have started knitting for a new jumper (for next winter)

 The tapestry is slowly growing.
It is a real challenge to weave with such light colours.
I have "un-woven" about as much as there is woven now in an effort to match the shades. It seems a lot of trying out but I prefer that to make sure the result is "right" :-)

well, - at least i have half a foot in it :-)!
Blogger is temperamental today - it doesn't let
me put the text where I want it !
Above I started new Strawberry seedlings this year
I have a large garden and there is a lot to do at this time of year, but I enjoy it too.

I am also knitting socks with the selfpatterning yarn,
 (from Spotlight) a novel experience for me :-)
 It doesn't quite make the pattern which it shows on the paper, but I think they still look nice. I keep knitting to find out what the next stripe will be like ... it should not take long.

Until next time with good wishes for all your projects!

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