Monday, October 26, 2015

starting the busy time...

 Eagerly awaited spring flowers are up
 and with the nicer weather more time to weave!
This tapestry is a real balancing act in regards to the light shades of brown/fawn, which need to blend but also show up sufficiently. What looks great in the yarn doesn't turn out that great when woven and I find myself basically test-weaving and undoing -searching for more different yarn and weaving again. I feel like a beginner weaver, all my experience in choosing colours and shades seems to have disappeared when it comes to fawn and shades thereof - but there is some progress and I am still smiling!  :-) All the background colour is handspun silk (by me) and plant dyed.

In the meantime I wove a heather coloured tablerunner

 and 3 different Sarisilk table runners.
This one with a yellow hem,

all at my  Etsy shop

The recycled Sarisilk is the loom waste from weaving Saris and is hand spun (this lot was hand spun by indian ladies :-)

This runner has a knotted fringe,
and the last one comes with a turquoise hem.

Because the Sarisilk colours are randomly spun each runner is different.

Now I have 200g of Sarisilk ends which I am spinning myself. This is the first 100g ...

And the red cactus buds have started to flower.

Yes, didn't quite manage to keep up with all the spring grass but I hope you still like the flower.

 Nearly forgot, - I finished my first pair of socks, knitted with the selfpatterning sock yarn. They are wooly socks for next winter - and I am knitting another pair with a different "pattern"

Until next time, best wishes for all your projects!