Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Start of 2016 everyone on my side of the street I lived in, got notified that we would be relocated under the "renewal SA" scheme.
Firstly it was a shock, - having assumed i would live there to the end of my life,
loosing my garden, my studio and shade house... I managed to slowly turn this around to "a new start" but going through the process I soon lost any uplift I had tried to build up. It took ages and when finally another house was found which I was not really happy with - it took 3 months to find that the council did not give permission for a big shed to house my studio,
Back to sqare one. Because the newer properties all have small yards and space for my guide dog was absolutely necessary (guide dogs get trained to toilet at home since they should not do so on the street while working) the nexthouse was a compromise: a 3 bed house but a small shed - so that I could use the house for work too.
The housr is just great because it is very light, and divided by rooms which suits me well since that also divides work areas.
I moved in start of April 2017 and was totally lost with al rooms filled with packing boxes - just to get to some furniture boxes had to be put in the corridor .. it was a total difficult nightmare for me. It took me 8 months to learn to walk around the house and backyard like a sighted person. (I have tunnel vision - am legally blind) NOw after all this time I am supposed to get someone to help with the garden especially in front which is full of 3cornerd Jacks. and the house. If it happens it will be better than nothing I guess... It took nearly 5 months for my shed to be built - which turns out to be small ... I can only house one of my looms there.
I have not been well for a few months, but am getting good again slowly.
Wondering if I am not getting too old to start like this all over again (I am 73 )  :-)
Where there is a will there is a way, -
To be continued!
Best wishes for all your plans!

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