Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Gym Surprise

  The most difficult thing about moving my studio was, that the big rug loom had to be taken apart since it is too wide to go through a door. I had been lucky as my daughter said she and her husband would help as for safety it needs 3 people. It turned out that hubby was not a "Handy man" and did not like to be part of this, - but we managed to get it all done.
In the meantime I have been told that I had expected too much when I was hoping for more help after moving in and that SonIL did not want to have to do anymore or be bothered with me and following they would cut the connection. Which they did ! I did not argue or object - so be it!
One day I was out in the front of my new house when a young man came up and introduced himself as Christopher, Instructor from the Gym across the street from me - and added that if I needed help with anything to let him know.
I waited quite a while firstly to save up money to pay for the help and also worrying that he might not be so keen when it comes to the loom...,
In the end I did talk to him and asked if he could help to put my big loom back together again, also considering that it needed an extra person - one holding the left frame, the other the right frame and the third putting the beams in. Christopher said:"no problems"
He came with a mate and it did not take long to put the main things together and all went smoothly! Some of the bolts had gone missing in transit, - it is quite amazing how careful I packed, but they still went missing and we broke off there until I could get the bolts. Actually Christopher came back with bolts he got for me... wow! and now I am nearly finished, just putting the seat together and then the tie -up when I have more time. I thanked Christopher and asked how much money he wanted for helping - also for his mate, but he just laughed and said they did not want money, they had been happy to help! I am so grateful for the kindness! 3 cheers to the guys from the gym!!!

 The loom has 1.80 m working width, with 2 shafts  I will post more pics later when I have time to warp it and the studio is done, - still a lot of work to do~

Wishing you a good week, until next time
to be continued :-)

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jeanne bee. said...

Awesome new friends!