Tuesday, October 16, 2018

10 steps back, but there I go again!

10 steps back.... I was sick with a bad cold and Sinusitis for 5 weeks and felt rather worn out after that - though I have not been so sick in years so I won't complain ☺!
Before I got sick I managed to get a change made in my weaving room:

I had all my tapestry yarn in 60l storage boxes,
lined up against the wall and the side of the room
 in front of the windows.
Storage boxes looked great in the old studio and
I never noticed how much room they tok up, having enough space.

 In the room in the house I felt sandwiched between boxes and looms especially when looking for yarn as I needed extra space on the floor to take bins down - the yarn I wanted always being in a box further down the stack! :-)

Then I found these two cupboardsin a second hand shop. They both fitted exactly into the space,
and are half as wide as the storage boxes were.The doors have melanite plastic inserts, which do
not reflect as badly as glass.
It took quite some time to transfer all the yarn to the shelves, - actually I did not think that I would fit all into it, but I did!
- and it is very nice to have more room and see all the colours... now just find time to weave ...

Unfortunately I missed the best time to establish my small garden being sick all August and start of September. Luckily we are having showers inbetween and I'm trying to get as much as I can done. Pics about that next time!

Keep well and creative :-)

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